Google Analytics Integration utm_term query string parameter is empty string
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Google Analytics Integration utm_term query string parameter is empty string

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Last updated 2022-03-30 ·Reference W-9297834 ·Reported By 4 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud Release June 2021

If you have the GA360 enabled and have the Smart URL encoding enabled as well that helps you track dynamic link aliases under UTM_TERM parameter then you will not be able to track the values in UTM_TERM if in the anchor tag we are passing the link using the RedirectTo function.

The system will return you nothing in your UTM parameters

- Smart URL Encoding setting is enabled by Marketing Cloud for the account

- Add the AMPScript variable as the Link Alias in the a tag
- Set the href property using a RedirectTo AMPScript function
- Send the Message to a Subscriber
- Notice the UTM term (populated by the variable) is empty

Below is an example of how the AMPScript/content would look.

var @url, @alias
set @url=""
set @alias=""

This is test 1: <a href="%%=v(@url)=%%" alias="%%=v(@alias)=%%">%%=v(@alias)=%%</a>
This is test 2: <a href="%%=RedirectTo(@url)=%%" alias="%%=v(@alias)=%%">%%=v(@alias)=%%</a>
Alias: %%=v(@alias)=%%
URL: %%=v(@url)=%%

Without RedirectTo:


With RedirectTo:


Use the Web Analytics Connector to populate the values, not the GA Integration

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