CST timezone being converted to CDT in Salesforce Object Activity
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CST timezone being converted to CDT in Salesforce Object Activity

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Last updated 2022-03-24 ·Reference W-9261802 ·Reported By 10 users

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When using a Salesforce Object Activity in Journey Builder to update a date field in Salescloud, if the Marketing Cloud account is set to Central Standard Time but daylight savings time is currently being observed, the date will use Central Daylight Time instead.

-Update time zone settings within Marketing Cloud to be '(GMT-06:00) Central Time (No Daylight Savings)' and within Salescloud to be '(GMT+00:00) Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)' for both user accounts utilized in Marketing Cloud Connect and system wide.

-Add two date fields to an object within Salesforce Org.

-Create integrated journey on that object, making sure that new date field is brought over.

-Add Object Activity to that journey that will essentially copy date field A to date field B.

-Activate journey.

-Create new contact matching that filter criteria with a populated date field

-See a 5 hour instead of 6 hour difference

Adjust the date within the field in Salescloud to account for this difference.

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