Filtered Lookup Fields on Mobile Return Records Outside of Filter Criteria
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Filtered Lookup Fields on Mobile Return Records Outside of Filter Criteria

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Last updated 2021-02-19 ·Reference W-8450541 ·Reported By 1 users


When creating a lookup field, there is an option to add an additional filter to the field in order to specify the records that are returned. On desktop, this works as expected as only records that meet the filter criteria are returned during the Click2Create process. On mobile, we're incorrectly returning all records as we are disregarding the filter.

Issue identified in Maps v2.15.7 & resolved in v2.28.4
-Open Maps Mobile
-Search for a POI (or drop pin, plot a data layer, or my position marker)
-Select Click2Crate and choose an object and subsequent record type and continue
-Click into the filtered lookup field on the field set
-Perform a search for a record


The resolution of this ticket is the addition of validation when using filtered picklists on mobile. We now prevent the user from saving a record if the field is populated with a value that doesn't fit the filter criteria and an error message is populated. That error message states "value does not exist or does not match the filter criteria."

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