SMS Activity Analytics in Journey Builder not honoring date ranges
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SMS Activity Analytics in Journey Builder not honoring date ranges

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Last updated 2020-09-30 ·Reference W-8129112 ·Reported By 0 users

No Fix

When navigating to a SMS Activity's Analytics in Journey Builder and clicking the view details button - statistics in the SMS activity do not show different ranges such as last 7 days, last 30 days, or custom date ranges. The values remain the same for all selections.

-Create a new Journey from Journey Builder
-Add a SMS activity to the canvas
-In your journey settings, choose any re-entry settings, select email address and mobile number
-Activate the Journey
-Wait for stats to appear for the SMS Activity
-Click the Sms activity, select 'Analytics' from the drop-down menu
-click "View Details"
-Now click the date picker, change the date to Last 7 days, Last 30 days, or a custom time frame
-The stats do not change

Navigate to MobileConnect, search the message name for the SMS activity, click the message, change the date range from Activity Log.

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