Incorrect Geocoding of Addresses for Areas of New Construction
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Incorrect Geocoding of Addresses for Areas of New Construction

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Users may experience an issue where Salesforce records that include an address for a recent construction or a future construction location geocode to the wrong location. This is due to the new addresses not being reflected in national databases. When new construction occurs the addresses will be uploaded by the local city and county agencies to the national database services. Salesforce cannot control the timing of those disperse government agencies uploading data. Maps or MapAnything will not always flag these new construction locations as "bad addresses” and attempt to match the entered address to current data in the national databases and this can result in matching data to an incorrect location. While addresses for new construction locations can take months or years to reflect in national databases, we do consume new national datasets on a quarterly basis to keep our data current.

Issue identified in Maps v1.28.6 & MapAnything v18.37
-Open Maps or MapAnything
-Plot a marker layer
-View records flagged as bad addresses

-For records incorrectly geocoded, set a verified location.
-For records flagged as a "bad address", drop a pin.

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