New subscribers with Mexican phone numbers are not opted in via Journey SMS Activity
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New subscribers with Mexican phone numbers are not opted in via Journey SMS Activity

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder , Marketing Cloud Mobile

Last updated 2022-02-03 ·Reference W-7588830 ·Reported By 9 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud April 2021 Release

Issue occurs when processing new contacts for Journey Builder SMS Activity configured to automatically 'Subscribe all contacts to a keyword'. Marketing Cloud attempts to validate mobile numbers during opt in process but unexpectedly marks numbers starting +521 as invalid and excludes these new subscribers from the send.

1. Create a sendable Data Extension to be used as Journey entry source and insert details of new subscriber with Mexican mobile number (i.e. starting +521).
2. Create Journey in Journey Builder and configure Data Extension entry source using Data Extension created in step 1.
3. Add an SMS Activity to Journey canvas. Configure SMS Activity to 'Subscribe all contacts to a keyword'.
4. Configure Journey Settings, selecting the phone field from the Data Extension entry source as the Default Mobile Number.
5. Activate Journey.

Note: new contacts who are not already opted in will not be sent to when processed by the Journey SMS Activity.

Opt in new SMS subscribers with mobile numbers starting +521 via Import so that they do not fail validation during Journey SMS send.

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