Validation Message for Email field in Smart Capture block reverts to default message
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Validation Message for Email field in Smart Capture block reverts to default message

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Last updated 2021-10-12 ·Reference W-7401494 ·Reported By 3 users

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When using the Content Builder editor to create a CloudPage in Web Studio, the validation message for an Email type form field in a Smart Capture block can automatically revert to the text "Please enter an email address." when switching back and forth between editing other fields in the Smart Capture form.

If steps similar to those outlined in the Repro section are performed before Saving and Publishing the CloudPage, this can result in the custom validation message you had configured for your Email form field being replaced with this default text.

Note: this issue has only been observed with Email type form fields and does not appear to affect other field types.

1) Create Data Extension for use in Smart Capture
-In Email Studio > Email > Subscribers > Data Extensions, create a Standard Data Extension.
-Give it a name.
-Select IsSendable and IsTestable. Click Next.
-Keep Retention Settings Off. Click Next.
-Add an Email type field called E-Mail.
-Add 2 Text fields e.g. Firstname and Lastname.
-Add E-Mail in the Send Relationship.
-Click Create.

2) Create Landing Page in CloudPages
-Inside a collection in Web Studio > CloudPages, click Create > Landing Page.
-Add a name and choose Content Builder as the Edit.
-Press Next.
-Choose Blank layout and press Create.

3) Configure Smart Capture block
-Drag Smart Capture block into the content canvas.
-Under Data Target, select Data Extension from drop down.
-Click Select Data Extension and choose data extension created in step 1.
-Select the checkbox next to E-Mail, Firstname and Lastname.

4) Configure Validation Message for Form Fields:
-In the content section of the editor, hover over the E-Mail field and click to Edit.
-In the Validation Message text box add the text "Some other validation".
-Click to Edit the FirstName field, and add the following text as the Validation Message: "validate first".
-Click to Edit the LastName field, and add the following text as the Validation Message: "validate last".
-Press Done Editing.

5) Save changes and Publish page
-Press Save button.
-Then press Schedule/Publish.
-Choose Publish Immediately and press Publish.

6) View E-Mail field Validation Message reverting.
-Press the Back to <Collection Name> link at the top right to navigate out of CloudPage editor.
-Click back into the CloudPage you created.
-Click to Edit the Smart Capture block and then click to edit the E-Mail form field.
-Typically when first viewing the field the Validation Message will show as expected.
-Click to edit one of the other form fields (e.g. FirstName).
-Then click back to edit the E-Mail form field. Text will likely now read "Please enter an email address.".

If editing the configuration of multiple Smart Capture form fields before Saving and Publishing a CloudPage, verify that the Email form field custom validation message still shows the desired text before Saving and Publishing. If the text has changed to "Please enter an email address." manually re-enter your custom validation message before publishing the page.

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