Schedule for running Journey shows as 'Not Yet Scheduled'
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Schedule for running Journey shows as 'Not Yet Scheduled'

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Last updated 2021-10-12 ·Reference W-7346448 ·Reported By 10 users

No Fix

The schedule of a running Journey shows the text 'Not Yet Scheduled'. When this issue occurs, although the Journey schedule appears as if it is not configured, this is just an issue on the UI and the Journey should still inject records when the Automation associated with the Journey runs.

Note: This issue has only been reported for Journeys using the Data Extension entry source and occurs only when using the Automation schedule type. As this issue has been linked to a code change was applied to fix a Query Activity bug, the automation used in the Journey schedule should also contain a Query Activity that targets the Journey entry data extension.

This issue is not reproducible when creating a new Journey. It has only been observed when the Journey schedule automation contains a Query Activity that was created prior to September 2019.

The workaround advised is to re-save the Query Activity in the Automation that targets the Journey entry source data extension as follow:

-Navigate to Journey Builder > Automation Studio
-Open the Activities tab, click on SQL QUERY and search for the name of the query contained in the Journey Automation.
-Open the Query Activity.
-Click the Edit button.
-Navigate through the wizard without making any changes but pressing Next > Next > Next > Finish.

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