Instagram Stories fail to publish on Android Devices
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Instagram Stories fail to publish on Android Devices

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Last updated 2022-02-17 ·Reference W-7528463 ·Reported By 3 users


Instagram stories are unable to Publish using the Social Studio mobile app for Android ONLY.

- Once the story is published from Social Studio desktop, user receives notification on mobile app which prompts Instagram to open from the Social Studio app, but an error pops-up: “Unable to launch Instagram for this content”.

- As a result, customer can not schedule stories from Social Studio.

- This error was happening for images as well until yesterday but seems to be fixed now.

- Errors don’t happen for iOS.

1. Create content (Attach video) for Instagram Business in Publish and select Send to Mobile Device (Mobile Push)
2. Placement: Stories
3. Post To: Instagram Business account
4. Send Notification to: Select user with access to Social Studio mobile app and Instagram Business account on same device
5. Open Social Studio mobile app and select the received notification, tap on the green button ‘Post to Instagram’
6. Error message ‘Unable to open Instagram for this content’ appears

There is no work around currently

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