Unable to reorder superbadges in a custom trailmix
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Unable to reorder superbadges in a custom trailmix

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Last updated 2021-10-12 ·Reference W-7547414 ·Reported By 1 users


When editing a trailmix that includes superbadges, when the order of a superbadge is changed, changes to the order will not be retained upon save.

1. Create a trailmix with modules and a superbadge included.
2. First add the modules and then add a superbadge.
3. On Save you should see the modules and next the superbadge.
4. Edit the trailmix again to reorder the position to make the superbadge first and modules after and Save the changes.
5. On Save the order is not retained and goes back to the previous order where superbadge is after the modules.

Expected Results: Trailmix order should be saved correctly.
Actual Results: The superbadge is moved back to its original location.

None, though the trailmix can be recreated with the desired order.

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