The _JourneyActivity Data View contains inactive versions of activities
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The _JourneyActivity Data View contains inactive versions of activities

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Last updated 2020-06-15 ·Reference W-7342597 ·Reported By 0 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud Release May 2020

When writing a SQL query using the _JourneyActivity data view, you may notice more activities than are present on your journey canvas. Each time a draft version of a journey is saved, we create new "active" versions of each of the activities and set all previous activities to "inactive". This is only visible/noticeable in the data view and otherwise has no impact on any other Journey functionality.

-Create journey with name 'JourneyDataView'
-Configure the entry event
-Configure a random split
-Configure journey settings
-Save the journey 1 time. Run your SQL query and note there are 7 activities in _JourneyActivity for this journey
-Save the journey a second time. There are now 14 activities in _JourneyActivity
-Activate the journey. There are now 21 activities, etc

There is no workaround to remove these extra activities.

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