403 Not Authorized when Running Discover Reports
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403 Not Authorized when Running Discover Reports

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Last updated 2022-03-30 ·Reference W-6653255 ·Reported By 112 users

No Fix

You may get a 403 Not Authorized “You don’t have the correct roles or permissions enabled to access this information“ when running reports in Discover. This can however happen for a couple reasons. To ensure that the issue is related to this Known Issue, please verify the following:

-User has the Marketing Cloud Admin role
-User does not have any custom roles
-All Discover permissions & Email permissions are Allowed
-Cache/cookies cleared or using an incognito window in browser
-Dev Console shows “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)”

Run or download a Discover report
Note it errors

Clear cache and cookies in your browser and try again. Another mitigating step is to ensure you only have a single Marketing Cloud tab open when taking this action.

Reported By (112)

Darshan Jain Mustafa Zaidi Jeremy Sawyer Denise Kruse Minh Le Ángel Gómez de Heras Sabrina Brawley Vrajesh Patel Lisa Effenberger Antje Hohmann Dmytro Kovalov Aishwarya S Rani Persaud Chris Oliver Lindsay Medeiros Mark McNamara Mark McNamara Jeff Levine Jim Schroeder Cort Malone Michael Purvis John Paul Dantanus Claudia Swaney Patricia de Melo Lima Santosh Palle Tina McGarvey Rebekka Kmetsch Corrina Cohen Ashley Mueller Tess Bower Akash Deokar agnès b. Service Client Renee Misiaszek Crystal Hayes Jillian Igarashi Shridhar Talukar Elliot Underwood Kevin Lueber Arno Bisquolm Armando Michelle Guillen Encina Damien TELLIEZ Bruna Lima Jonathan Bowman Beth Leleck Patricia Zangerl Troy Barnes Ozzie Santana Kathy Kochis Brandon Lee Donald Nixon Vera Averina Stephanie Maas Jonathan Baron Rachel Brawley Lindsay Stille Susan Thayer Roman Kudrin Kara Pietrykowski Lakshmi Srinivas Bitra Eddie Miller Liliana Garcia Pardeep Singh Danielle Carlson Sarah Busch Lee Brine Ingrid Häusler Eric Sickels Eihwan Kim Jason Kwong Takuya Ieshima Pramod nalla Chris Barker Michelle Harrington Technical Administrator Linda Essman Sarah Daley Janne Toivoniemi Carolene Kent Amanda Fernandez Lindsay Mosteller Jennifer Dee Anderson Almeida Yazid AKKI Alberto Lussana Darián Macharowski Michael Chorley Amy Horan Julio Cabrera I A Victoria Basova Sjoerd Bielsma Liz Hayes Milan Simic Sattibabu Nimmakayala Brad Erpelding William Vogliano Daisy Hoeft James Campbell Kim Zaweski Giulia Beatrice Poonam Teotia Casey Braun Leanne Roberts Robert Boland Kimberly Haston Arthur Noort Christian Albrecht Erica Behnke Guillaume Durand Jim Barton Jessica Bouchet Christina Campo

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