403 Not Authorized when Running Discover Reports
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403 Not Authorized when Running Discover Reports

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Last updated Today ·Reference W-6653255 ·Reported By 73 users

In Review

You may get a 403 Not Authorized “You don’t have the correct roles or permissions enabled to access this information“ when running reports in Discover. This can however happen for a couple reasons. To ensure that the issue is related to this Known Issue, please verify the following:

-User has the Marketing Cloud Admin role
-User does not have any custom roles
-All Discover permissions & Email permissions are Allowed
-Cache/cookies cleared or using an incognito window in browser
-Dev Console shows “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden)”

Run or download a Discover report
Note it errors

Clear cache and cookies in your browser and try again. Another mitigating step is to ensure you only have a single Marketing Cloud tab open when taking this action.

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