Cannot Copy Journey after Event Name Exceeds Max Length
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Cannot Copy Journey after Event Name Exceeds Max Length

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Last updated 2020-06-15 ·Reference W-5606620 ·Reported By 0 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud Release May 2020

Every time a journey is copied, the event name (which is hidden in the UI) is appended with the string ' (Copy)'. If a Journey is copied enough times, the max length will be exceeded and all future attempts to copy the journey will fail.

-Create a Journey with a name just under 200 characters long
-Save it, then copy the journey
-Note it fails with "Failed to copy journey. Try coping this journey again later."

Create a new draft version of the journey you are attempting to activate. Delete the entry event and recreate it. Save the draft. Then copy the Journey and it should allow you to do so without error.

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