Cannot use fields from CampaignMember:LeadOrContactOwner in Event Entry
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Cannot use fields from CampaignMember:LeadOrContactOwner in Event Entry

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When creating a Salesforce Data Event to target Campaigns, using fields from CampaignMember:LeadOrContactOwner causes exceptions when journey injection should happen.

-Create new journey
-Drag Salesforce Data Event onto canvas
-Select Salesforce Campaign
-Select a Campaign
-Select LeadOrContactOwner(User) City
-Click Next, Done
-Drag a random split onto the canvas
-Configure Journey Settings
-Go to Sales Cloud
-Click Marketing Cloud Tab
-Click Configure Marketing Cloud Connector
-Click Initiate Logs
-Add a lead or contact to the campaign above
-Go to Documents > Marketing Cloud logs, See the below error

*****2019-09-12 13:03:30.257|LOG STARTED
*****2019-09-12 13:03:30.257|PROCESS|Journey Builder Campaign Processor
*****2019-09-12 13:03:30.474|EXCEPTION|SObject row was retrieved via SOQL without querying the requested field: CampaignMember.City

Adding CampaignMember.City to the event data, or which ever field is thrown in the exception, should prevent the exception from occurring.

NOTE: The workaround above allows for the contacts to inject without exception but the fields will use CampaignMember data instead of CampaignMember:LeadOrContactOwner data. For example, using CampaignMember:LeadOrContactOwner:User:FirstName will add data to the entry source DE for CampaignMember:Common:FirstName instead of the expected User data.

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