Smart Capture email validation message is not localizable
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Smart Capture email validation message is not localizable

Marketing Cloud Pages/Sites

Last updated 2020-01-27 ·Reference W-6439488 ·Reported By 2 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud Release January 2020

If a user inputs an invalid email address in a Smart Capture form on a landing page or microsite, he or she will see the following message: "Please enter an email address." This validation error message is not set up up to be localized to whatever the language the Marketing Cloud is set, and therefore may not be understandable to a user who does not understand English.

1) Open the Marketing Cloud; set MC to a language other than English.
3) Open CloudPages under Web Studio
2) Inside a collection, create a new Landing Page using the Content Builder editor.
3) Add the smart capture block for the template and add in email address as a form attribute
4) Save and Publish the site
5) Open the site in a browser and type in an invalid email address
6) Notice that "Please enter an email address" is shown but there is no option to change this message in the block content or form styling tabs.

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