[ListView] unable to search for Person Accounts in a list view
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[ListView] unable to search for Person Accounts in a list view

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Last updated 2021-05-05 ·Reference W-5555205 ·Reported By 8 users

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Some customers may have observed that there end users see no results returned when performing a search for Person Account Name via Opportunity List Views, the same seems to work perfectly fine when users search for a Business Account.

The same behavior can be observed via SOSL too:

FIND {Person Account} IN ALL FIELDS RETURNING Opportunity(Id, Name USING ListView= AllOpportunities)

The following results are returned:

Sorry, No Records returned

1. Create a Business Account
2. Create a person Account [ please ensure that you have enabled person accounts in your org]
3. Create 2 opportunities and link each account to its respective Opportunity
4. Navigate to the Opportunity Tab
5. Search using List Vies under either Recently Viewed OR All Opportunities for the Business Account
6. You’ll see that the search returns a result.
7. Repeat step 5, but this time search for the Person Account
8. Notice that NO results are returned.

- Create a custom text field hidden via page layouts and populate this field using a workflow field update, ie., copy the Account Name( Person Account) into the custom text field.

Is it Fixed?

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