Unable to create new Primary Key field on Data Extension
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Unable to create new Primary Key field on Data Extension

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Last updated 4 days ago ·Reference W-7691237 ·Reported By 19 users

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Users may be unable to create a new Primary Key field on a Data Extension after using the Clear Data button more than once when configuring or changing a Data Extension.

- Create Data Extension with at least 1 primary key field.
- Navigate to Data Extension records tab and clear data twice (doesn't matter order, just needs to be done more than once)
- In the email channel, edit the data extension and add another primary key field.
- Review the DE and notice the new field has not been created

An error will also be logged internally on the Salesforce side showing the error

Recreating the Data Extension will allow for the new Primary Key to be added. Please contact Marketing Cloud Support if you're unable to re-create the DE.

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