Opt-in message is missing in Lightning Messaging Conversation
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Opt-in message is missing in Lightning Messaging Conversation

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Last updated 2022-03-24 ·Reference W-7705744 ·Reported By 4 users

No Fix

Opt-in feature in Lightning Messaging is not working as expected. The message for opt-in is not stored in the ConversationEntry to show it on the Conversation when opt-out event is followed by an opt-in event. When an opt-out event is immediately followed by an opt-in event, a race condition potentially exists. If the opted out event did not fully close the session and a new opt-in event comes in, an internal error occurs. So, the message is not stored to show in the Conversation. Since the message is not stored, it's impossible to say how the user opted in again.

- Error Message
Response (500) Internal Server Error: 1957430817-116353 (-380987119) UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW: Record Currently Unavailable: The record you are attempting to edit, or one of its related records, is currently being modified by another user. Please try again.

- Actual Result
Opt-in message is missing in the Conversation.

- Expected Result
Opt-in message should appear in the Conversation. Without the opt-in message, we cannot find how the opted out user opted in again.

1. Opt-out from a Messaging Channel using any opt-out keywords.
2. Opt-in to the same immediately using any opt-in keywords.
3. Opt-in message will not be appearing in the Conversation.

Currently, there are no workaround available.

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