AMPScript validation errors in SMS Message Subscriber Preview but message sends successfully
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AMPScript validation errors in SMS Message Subscriber Preview but message sends successfully

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Last updated 2021-10-12 ·Reference W-7605961 ·Reported By 2 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud Release July 2020

When a SMS Message using AMPScript would be split into multiple message due to character length, the Subscriber Preview in Content Builder adds HTML to the preview causing an AMPScript validation error to be displayed. The actual message does not contain this HTML and will send successfully.

1. Create a data extension for mobile sending from contact builder
2. Create a look up data extension, or use synchronized data sources, to look up rows for a message
3. Create an SMS Message in Content Builder where a variable is set on the sending data extension and a lookuprows function is set on the LookUpRows function and text is then outputted in the message. A message of this length should be displayed as multiple messages in Content Builder Preview
4. Save Message, and click Subscriber Preview.
5. An error appears in the preview such as the one below

Invalid characters appear at the end of the parameter value Function Call: LookupRows("Contact__c_Salesforce","Id</span></div><div class="text-bubble"><span>",@contactId)

6. Note that Content Builder has added "</span></div><div class="text-bubble"><span>" to the message causing it to fail
7. Now navigate to Journey Builder and add the SMS Activity in a Journey. Note that there is no HTML between Id and @contactId in the message itself.
8. Activate Journey and observe SMS is sent successfully

Send a test SMS message in Mobile Connect instead of using the Content Builder Subscriber Preview.

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