Unable to view SMS Activity in Journey Builder
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Unable to view SMS Activity in Journey Builder

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Last updated 2020-06-15 ·Reference W-7403638 ·Reported By 5 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud Release May 2020

When attempting to view an SMS activity in a running Journey, you may notice a blank page with the activity continuously loading. This only occurs for SMS Messages created in MobileConnect, not Content Builder.

Attempting to edit SMS activities in draft journeys can also exhibit unexpected behaviour as a result of this bug. This includes missing parameters shown during the original activity creation.

Ensure you're reviewing a Journey that is running and using an SMS activity created within MobileConnect (not Content Builder)

- Open the Journey in question
- Click onto the SMS Activity to bring up the Analytics/Summary
- Notice the slide out window continues to load and doesn't complete

Create a new version of the Journey replacing the SMS Activity with a brand new message (using Content Builder).

Create new SMS activities in Journey drafts as opposed to editing them.

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