List.contains() fails to detect element match when input param is an SObject Id field; it succeeds when debug logs are enabled
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List.contains() fails to detect element match when input param is an SObject Id field; it succeeds when debug logs are enabled


Last updated 2020-07-18 ·Reference W-5850401 ·Reported By 114 users

Fixed - Summer '20

List.contains() fails to detect element match when input param is an SObject Id field, but succeeds when debug logs with log filter for Apex Code set to FINEST is enabled for the running user.

1) Create below Apex trigger on Lead:

trigger LeadTrigger on Lead (after update) {
// Set<String> lst = new Set<String>(); // Workaround #1
List<String> lst = new List<String>();
lst.add(Id.valueOf('0121U000000iH33QAE')); // make sure this is an actual Lead record type ID

// system.debug(lst); // Workaround #2 (to use if lst's type is List)

for (String leadId : Trigger.newMap.keyset()) {
Lead tmpLead = Trigger.newMap.get(leadId);
String debugMessage = 'Lead\'s record type ID:' + tmpLead.RecordTypeId
+ '; lst.isEmpty(): ' + lst.isEmpty()
+ '; lst.get(1): ' + lst.get(1)
+ '; lst.indexOf(tmpLead.RecordTypeId): ' + lst.indexOf(tmpLead.RecordTypeId)
+ '; lst.contains(tmpLead.RecordTypeId): ' + lst.contains(tmpLead.RecordTypeId);

system.assert(false, debugMessage);

2) Make sure debug logs for your user (if enabled) don't set the Apex Code log filter to FINEST. Instead, use FINER or below.

- By default, the Developer Console sets a trace flag that sets the Apex Code log filter to FINEST.
- You will need to either modify the SFDC_DevConsole Debug Level or close the Developer Console, delete the trace flag created by the Developer Console, and set up debug logs using a custom debug level by leveraging the setup page (Setup | Logs | Debug Logs).

3) Navigate to a Lead record, and try to inline edit it. Assertion will show this:

Lead's record type ID: 0121U000000iH33QAE; lst.isEmpty(): false; lst.get(1): 0121U000000iH33QAE; lst.indexOf(tmpLead.RecordTypeId): -1; lst.contains(tmpLead.RecordTypeId): false: Trigger.LeadTrigger: line 18, column 1

which shows that the list does contain the record type ID, but List.contains(<ID>) is returning false.

Actual result: List.contains() fails to detect SObject's ID.

Expected result: List.contains() should return true.

1) Use Set<String> instead of List<String>

2) If List<String> is used, then make sure to add System.debug(<list-name>); before List.contains() is invoked. Please see Apex trigger above for location of this statement.

Reported By (114)

Justin McCotter Peter Dillen Sreedeep Karun P Ryan Sherry Cédric Jacquet Rémy Soëte Brian Triplett Xiaohui Ellis Anthony Bath Piriya Saengsuwarn Karen Dana Jedesson Tavares Yuta Hattori Piotr Wyszynski Sourav Sinha Sudipto ghosh Sujith Edirisinghe Sankarkartik Raman Charles de Brabandere Krishna Kali 貴志 田島 Raji Srinivasan Admin User Zhen Li Francisco Riccomagno Arpit Varma 莉 関 3333 X Fernando Corvelo Dario Buitta Jonathan Marson Kevin Drew Darryl Moyers Chris Lichter Ken Fitzpatrick Santosh Tripathi Nadir BNEDJAMAA Josh Saterdalen Eric Jameson Ravi Benedetti Kirk Lampert Sander Zaben Rob Craven Zackary Whipkey Miguel Navarro Michael Ebert Rittu Roy Isaac Lemke 翔 岩室 Robert Ferenc Katona Istvan Gulyas Gabor Arany Akos Munnich Nic Edwards Sundeep Yadlapalli Bence Nagyszegi Scott Call Michael Hendy Konstantinos Vorilas Elle McKay Koma Terui Stephen Wood Ali Hafez James Harrell 拓海 尾崎 Oto Simecek Jiri Ulip Alexander Bernstein Chris Feldhacker Brian Wood Marty Kopka Michelle McLane Ryan Long Jeremy Stender Andy Smith Sean Singer Joseph Kotzker Jochen Clemens Christian Peter Felix Leber Michael Ehrlich Christopher Ostrowski Brett Lilley Paul Subbio Alex Gum Cynthia Li Alasdair MacLeod Emily Griffin James Reed Adam Moreno Paritosh Sharma Edouard Deneve Mayank Shah Daniel Ballinger Jim Young Torsten Engelmann Jairaj Jadhav Matt   Ryan Potter Jonathan Jacobs 達也 新上 Yuko Shirai Michal Lachowski Piotr Kożuchowski Filip Rafałowicz Filip Rafałowicz Zbigniew Tekiela Zhaokui Fang Bogdan Manea Tânia Cunha Susana Vasconcelos Tom Sullivan Michael Cooney Antonio Lobo

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