API Entry Event retains original event configuration in future journeys
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API Entry Event retains original event configuration in future journeys

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Last updated 2019-08-20 ·Reference W-6170616 ·Reported By 8 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud Release August 2019 Patch 3

When making modifications to the API Entry Event in subsequent versions, the changes do not appear to save properly. The canvas overview and the summary of the API Entry Event filter criteria will show the modifications, but clicking into the filter criteria will not show these edits. This is a display issue only.

-Journey Builder > Create Journey
-Drag API Event onto canvas
-Create new event
-Select a Data Extension
-Create a filter using Contact Data (doesn't matter what is used)
-Drag random split onto canvas
-Give journey a name
-Configure Journey Settings
-Create new version
-Click on entry event
-Note that in all spots (3 - on canvas, on entry event summary, and drilling into filter) the filter criteria matches
-Edit the filter and add something else to the entry filter
-Save journey
-Click back into entry event and note the filter is correct
-Click edit on the filter criteria and note it is missing whatever was previously added

Delete and recreate the entry event


Note that this is a display issue only. If you activate the journey the newly made changes will be applied to the entry event.

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