Automation Run Once fails when attempting to start
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Automation Run Once fails when attempting to start

Marketing Cloud Automations

Last updated 2019-08-20 ·Reference W-6153831 ·Reported By 44 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud Release August 2019

When attempting to use the run once option for automations, in some situations, failures are noted and the one off attempt will not start. In rare cases this may not be relegated to multiple simultaneous execution attempts and may always occur even if someone waits to reschedule.

1) With an automation that has a paused schedule, click the Run Once button on the details page.

2) Select any number of activities to run and click Run and start the run once.

3) Immediately click the Save button on the details page.

Copy existing automation. Execute run once option on automation.

**Typical considerations to running something out of it's typical schedule that has the potential to modify production data/impact other processes apply.

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