Sales Cloud Canvas Activities use shortest path available when using Contact Data
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Sales Cloud Canvas Activities use shortest path available when using Contact Data

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No Fix

Sales Cloud Activities will currently use the shortest available path to an object within Contact Builder. If you have a Data Extension linked twice through two different sets of objects, it will always default to the shortest path. If there are multiple shortest paths, one will be arbitrarily chosen when a contact goes through the activity.

-Created 5 Data Extensions named DE1 through DE5, with a text field called 'ContactKey' only
-Manually add the same ContactKey value to each DE except DE2
-Create an Attribute Group
-Link DE1 > DE2 > DE5
-Create a second Attribute Group
-Link DE1 > DE3 > DE4 > DE5
-The important piece above is that one path is longer than the other
-Create a new Journey
-Drag the Contact Activity onto the canvas
-Select Find and Update
-Select Contact ID
-From Contact Data Choose the longer path Attribute Group > Choose DE5
-Configure the activity however else so long as the required fields are filled out
-Configure rest of journey (journey settings, name, etc)
-Activate Journey
-Note the Salesforce Activity does not perform the action you requested

Architect your data model so that the object needed for the Sales Cloud Activities only has one path. Alternately, ensure that the shortest path contains all necessary records for the contacts that would be injected into the Journey.

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