Able to save an invalid Salesforce Data Event
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Able to save an invalid Salesforce Data Event

Marketing Cloud Integrations , Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Last updated 2020-05-08 ·Reference W-6084515 ·Reported By 0 users

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When configuring a Salesforce Data Event within Journey Builder, you may be able to save an invalid entry event configuration that does not have an action.

-Create a new journey
-Drag a SF Data Event onto canvas
-Configure it with some entry criteria
-Finish it
-Drag a random split onto canvas and configure it
-Give the journey a name and configure journey settings
-Save the journey
-Click the entry event
-Click the 'Entry Criteria' tab
-Deselect the options you chose (created/update/both)
-Click the 'Select Object' tab
-Then really quickly click next as many times as possible until you get done.

Note on the Entry Event overview you do not have the 'Action' values. Upon activation you should be met with the below error.

'FIELD_INTEGRITY_EXCEPTION;Required field is missing: rules;;Flow Save failed'

Don't save the entry event without first confirming an action is created.

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