Clarabridge Insights not returning data in Analyze Workbenches
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Clarabridge Insights not returning data in Analyze Workbenches

Marketing Cloud Social Studio

Last updated 2019-01-26 ·Reference W-5618945 ·Reported By 0 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud Social January 2019

When drilling down Clarabridge insights in an Analyze Workbench/Dataset, it will display "No Data Available" since October 1, 2018.

1. Login to Social Studio, your workspace, Analyze | Workbenches

2. Select: Create Workbench, + Add New Dataset, Topic Profile, Select one of your topic profiles with an active subscription of Clarabridge insights, Save to launch the new workbench/dataset

3. Use a custom date range of Oct 1, 2018 or later. Once the workbench and dataset is completely loaded, click on the dataset to show the drilldown options.

4. Select Drilldown by: Clarabridge | All categories, to create a new child dataset. It will load the dataset as: "No Data Available"

There is no workaround at this time when viewing Clarabridge insights after October 1, 2018.

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