Deleting Facebook Comments or Replies are Failing in Engage
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Deleting Facebook Comments or Replies are Failing in Engage

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Last updated 2018-11-22 ·Reference W-5589626 ·Reported By 0 users

No Fix

When users in Engage click the delete button/action for a Facebook Comment or Reply within the Engage column or post inspector, it will throw an error:

"Error Deleting Post"

Note: This can be a comment or reply on a Public or Unpublished Facebook Post.

1. Login to Social Studio, your workspace, Engage

2. Select + Add New column, select your Facebook social account and apply changes to save the column

3. Once the column loads, find an existing comment or reply that was sent to your social account/Facebook page

4. Hover over the comment to populate the blue actions/buttons underneath the comment. One of them will be a trash can, this is to delete the comment from Facebook. Select the trash can, then "Permanently delete this post? Delete".

It will generate an error: "Error Deleting Post"

No workaround at this time to delete the comment or reply. Instead you can use the "Hide on Facebook" feature to block the visibility of the comment or reply on Facebook, but this will not delete it.

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