Failed Facebook Video Posts in Publish when using Location Tagging
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Failed Facebook Video Posts in Publish when using Location Tagging

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Last updated 2019-04-23 ·Reference W-5486388 ·Reported By 0 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud Social October 2018 Patch 2

After publishing a scheduled Facebook Video Post that includes Location Tagging, it will fail with an error: Publishing Error: Unknown

This is no longer a supported feature for video publishing, which means it is no longer supported in Social Studio. The plan is to remove this option from Facebook videos in the Publish User Interface until another solution is available in the future.

1. Login to Social Studio, your workspace, Publish

2. Select: Create Content, Facebook Post, Add your existing Facebook social account into the "Post To" Field

3. Enter any text into the Content box

4. Under the first "Location" field to tag the video post, enter a location such as: San Francisco, California

5. Select: Upload Video to upload your existing mp4 video

6. Under Deployment, select: Schedule from Social Studio, select a future date/time.

7. Select: Schedule from Social Studio to save the post.

Note: The scheduled post will fail to publish at the scheduled date/time and will also fail if selecting Publish Now

Do not use Location tagging with Scheduled Facebook videos

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