Unable to save Web Canvas screen due to invalid URL
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Unable to save Web Canvas screen due to invalid URL

Marketing Cloud Social Studio

Last updated 2019-04-23 ·Reference W-5411453 ·Reported By 3 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud Social October 2018 Patch 2

When creating a Web Canvas screen within Social Studio Command Center you may run into a situation where the system will show you an error saying the URL entered does not exist even though it is a valid URL.

This issue is being caused by over aggressive URL validation done by Command Center.

1. Log into Command Center via https://commandcenter.radian6.com/
2. Select "Create new Screen" and then select "Web Canvas"
3. Enter the details including the URL you want to use.
4. Error may appear saying "URL is invalid"

There is no work around to self resolve this issue, however it is possible for support to have a database request submitted to manually change the URL of a screen to the URL that you wish to use.

You would have to create a screen and use a public URL such as "https://socialstudio.radian6.com"

After the screen has been created, log a support case with the name of the screen you created and the URL that you wish to have implemented to replace the dummy URL you used during the creation of the screen.

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