Einstein Analytics - iOS - Date widget's date format is not correct in different locale
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Einstein Analytics - iOS - Date widget's date format is not correct in different locale

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Last updated 2020-04-22 ·Reference W-7388146 ·Reported By 0 users

Fixed in version Analytics-ios-v9.0.2

When using the Einstein mobile app (as well as the Salesforce iOS mobile app),if iOS device language set to "Japanese", the "Date Selector" of Einstein Analytics assets can not work

1) Create the following CSV file.


2) Login to Salesforce and accsess to Analytis studio.

3) Click "Create" button and select "Dataset".

4) Select "CSV File"

5) Select created csv file and click "Next".

6) Confime the dataset name and click "Next".

7) Confime the column and click "Upload File".

8) After created dataset, click "Create" button and select "Dashboard".

9) Select "Create Blank Dashboard".

10) Drag&Drop the "Date Widget" and select created dataset. Then select "Date field" and click "Create".

11) Click "Save" button and set any name to "Title" then click "Save".

12) Change the iOS device language to "Japanese".

12-1) Access "Open Settings > General > Language & Region",then tap Device Language and Select "Japanese" and tap "Change to Japanese".

13) Access the mobile app in the "Japanese" mode of the iOS device.

13-1) Access to "ダシュボード" tab and select created dashbord.

13-2) Switch to "絶対" tab and tap Date field of Date widget.

13-3) tap date field and select date via "Date Selector" and tap "Update".

13-4) Notice that the date value is updated and facet work corectly.


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