Engagement Splits count all clicks when select all is used
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Engagement Splits count all clicks when select all is used

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Last updated 2020-04-20 ·Reference W-5959967 ·Reported By 2 users

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When the 'select all' button is used for selecting links to track activity for use within an Engagement Split, all link clicks will be counted for engagement. This includes links that may not show up in the list to be selected, such as the Update Profile link.

-Create HTML email with custom HTML in Content Builder. Ensure the Update Profile link is included.
-Go to Journey Builder > Create new
-Give it a name
-Drag Data Extension Entry Event onto canvas and configure it to completion
-Drag Email Activity and select newly created email, configure the rest of the send email activity
-Drag a wait onto the canvas after the email. Make it 5 or so minutes to account for the time to inbox.
-Drag an engagement split onto the canvas
-Note the list of links does not contain the profile center or unsubscribe links (as expected)
-Select All Links, save
-Configure journey settings, activate
-Receive email and click the profile center link
-Watch your contact move through the yes even though the link was not on the list

Select each link individually.

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