JourneyBuilder decision splits not working correctly with Sales Cloud Activity Journey Data
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JourneyBuilder decision splits not working correctly with Sales Cloud Activity Journey Data

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Last updated 2021-03-01 ·Reference W-5897631 ·Reported By 18 users

No Fix

When using SalesforceObjectID output from a Sales Cloud Activity in a JourneyBuilder decision split, all the contacts get sent down the same path even though they should be split.

1. In Sales Cloud create a contact
2. Create a data extension in Marketing Cloud with Id (as the primary key), email, and name fields
3. Add two entries to the data extension, one with an email address matching the email address of the created contact and the other with an email address that is not associated to a contact in the connected Sales Cloud account
4. Tie the data extension to a population
5. Navigate to Journey Builder
6. Configure an Data Extension Entry Event using the created DE
7. Configure a Contact Activity using Find and Update, looking up the contact on the email field mapped to the email from the entry event and select 'Do Not Update' for both record found options
8. On the mapped field step, map the First Name field to the name field passed in from Journey Data. Finish configuring the activity
9. Configure a decision split to use the Update Contact Activity you just created so it's evaluating 'SalesforceObjectId is not null'
10. Activate the journey

To use these IDs (lead ID, contact ID, etc) in a decision split, inject the SalesforceObjectID (lead ID, contact ID, etc.) using journey data, or have a process that updates Contact Data to include these IDs in a data extension connected to Contacts. You will not be able to use them if you don't know the contact/lead ID before injecting, or if it doesn't exist until the contact has been created.

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