Email Calendar Automation Events have Incorrect Re-occurrence Times
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Email Calendar Automation Events have Incorrect Re-occurrence Times

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Last updated 2021-04-13 ·Reference W-4368559 ·Reported By 3 users

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When retrieving the times for the calendar the first event (stored as the next recurrence) is correct but each event after is displayed using incorrect information. We believe this to be related to timezones where the account timezone is positive to UTC (such as +5:30). When the automation runs, this is corrected for the next event but sequential events are still incorrectly calculated. This is only affecting the UI and not an accurate representation of when the automation will run.

1. Create a new user with Time Zone on + side of GMT (Example: GMT +05:30).


Edit existing user and set Time Zone to any TZ on + side of GMT. I set Jay's user to GMT +05:30.

2. Go to Automation Studio and create a new Automation with Email Activity.

3. Set the Schedule to some future time, may be same or next day with daily occurrence till 3 repeats.

4. Check that the Automation schedule time zone is same as user's. In this case GMT +05:30.

5. Save automation with some recognizable name and activate schedule.

6. Open up Calendar UI and refresh it, click on the first day of your automation schedule.

7. You will see duplicate instances of your automation. (Example screenshots attached in attachments tab)

8. Go Back to User administration and set the user on -ve Time Zone.

9. Open Calendar and refresh, locate for your Automation on its first schedule day, you will find only one instance of it.

10. Calendar display issue replicated successfully.

None at this time.

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