Custom Actions with URL Target “Replace Page” does not work in Community QLE
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Custom Actions with URL Target “Replace Page” does not work in Community QLE

Communities , Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote)

Last updated 2019-08-19 ·Reference W-4712255 ·Reported By 0 users

Fixed - Summer '18

High-level overview:

Calls to from a VF page does nothing when embedded within a communities lightning app.

Custom Actions with URL Target set to Replace Page will not work when placed in the Quote Line Editor in a Community.

Additionally Custom Actions installed by the managed package such as Save and Cancel use the Replace Page function and will not redirect the user back to the Quote detail page.

1. Create a community so that you can access the Quote Line Editor

2. Create a Custom Action:
Type: Button
URL Target: Replace Page
URL: Any valid URL
Page: Quote Line Editor
Location: Quote

3. Verify this button works in standard Quote Line Editor

4. Enter the Community via Lightning App or mobile device and notice the action does not redirect the user. The Save custom action still saves changes made inside the quote line editor, but will not redirect the user.

Custom Actions created by Admins with a URL defined can use the URL Target of "Pop-up" instead of "Replace Page"

However, there is no available workaround at this time for managed package Custom Actions such as the Save and Cancel actions used inside the quote line editor.

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