Duplicate IERs for converted leads
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Duplicate IERs for converted leads

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Last updated 2020-12-02 ·Reference W-3990921 ·Reported By 30 users

No Fix

Converted leads can show an Individual Email Result for both the lead and converted lead (contact) records.

1.) In an integrated CRM org, create a lead with your email address
2.) Send to this record using the "Send Marketing Cloud Email" link
3.) Wait for the IER to be populated
4.) Convert this Lead to a Contact
5.) Send to this record from the Contact page using the "Send Marketing Cloud Email" link
6.) Wait for the IER to be populated
7.) At this point, note that there is 1 IER for the send to the lead and 1 IER for the send to a contact
8.) Create a report that will return only this record (using created date of today and email = your email, for example)
9.) Include ContactID and email in the report
10.) In Marketing Cloud create an Import using this report
11.) Ensure the email field is an email address field type so the DE ends up under Salesforce Data Extensions
12.) Run the import
13.) Send to the SFDE once it is populated
14.) In SFDC find the email send that was created for this send
15.) If no IERs have been populated, request tracking immediately
16.) Note that there is an IER for the lead AND contact record even though only 1 record has technically been sent to

Delete the lead or converted lead IERs.

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