"My Quotes" listview returns incorrect results
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"My Quotes" listview returns incorrect results

Winter 18 , Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote)

Last updated 2019-08-19 ·Reference W-4402736 ·Reported By 6 users

Fixed - Spring '18

"My Quotes" listview using "Filter By Owner: My Quotes" returns all records instead of just those owned by the logged in user.

While if you create a listview using the filter 'Quote Owner= useralias', it results to an Internal Server Error.

1 Go to the Quotes tab
2 Select “My Quotes” in the View drop down.

Actual Result: Even quote records that are not owned by the logged in user is displayed in the Listview.

1 Create a new listview
2 Add the filter: Quote Owner= <useralias>
3 Save then load this list view

Actual Result: Internal Server Error is returned


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