Intermittent slowness observed on NA35 instance during deployments
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Intermittent slowness observed on NA35 instance during deployments

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Last updated 2017-04-19 ·Reference W-3309444 ·Reported By 157 users

Fixed - Spring '17 Patch 9.0

Intermittent slowness observed on NA35 during deployments

The current architecture uses a queuing framework for all deployment requests. This is a reflection of the fact that deployment was built to support packaging, change sets, and the ant tool - release management use cases that are typically larger deployments.

Dev Tooling (IDE) use cases have been supported by this same framework. And, although we have run into some similar issues in the past, they have not been as consistent as they have been in the past two releases. These smaller deploys have started to suffer due to the increased sophistication of customer's development processes. Simply put, we have seen a lot of continuous integration development. This is a great sign for our platform, except for the fact that we are responding to the extra load we are seeing.

That said, we are working on a few things targeting the smaller deployments. We have finished a costing engine this release and we have added a few new queues. This will allow us to target the smaller deployments and have them on their own queue. The fair usage system which governs our queuing system will only degrade large deployments, which are much fewer than the smaller tooling deployments. This is only in pilot in our Feb release as we need to monitor this before rolling it out everywhere.

So, there are good things coming, but you won't see the results of this work until the spring/summer time frame. In the mean time, please keep the dialogue open and continue to submit the cases, so that we have a good understanding of the overall affect.

Also, if you are building CI systems, please separate deployment from testing. When you include tests in the deploy, the overall deployment will take longer which will count against the metadata service when it is evaluated for fair usage on an instance. Execute the deployment without tests, if possible, and then kick off the tests through the Tooling api.

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