Einstein Analytics - Image widget contents are not displayed in PNG Download on Dashboards
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Einstein Analytics - Image widget contents are not displayed in PNG Download on Dashboards


Last updated 20 days ago ·Reference W-2730503 ·Reported By 110 users

In Review

A known issue is preventing the contents of image widgets from being displayed in PNG screenshots in Wave Dashboard Designer.

Add an Image Widget to the dashboard layout using Wave Dashboard Designer.
Assign a document id to that widget to make the image appear on the Dashboard.
Click the Share icon >> Download >> Download as Image (PNG).
The image doesn't appear in the PNG screenshot of the dashboard.

As a workaround use the Print Preview option and print to PDF


Click Print to open your browser’s print dialog, where you can send the image to your printer or save it as a PDF file. To include background color or images, click More settings and select Background graphics.
The Cancel button closes the print preview and returns you to the running dashboard.

Reported By (110)

Keertana Srinivasan Lee Evans Piyush Kukde Dillon Macfarlane Patrick Walsh Eldon Kuzhyelil Lu Liu Gareth Baker Ted Weinberg Grzegorz Laskowski Roxanne Heinemann Rajlaxmi Rath Siyao Hu Morgan Curry Chaminda Dharmatilake Brian Krueger Nicole Page Adam Paine Christian Adam Ian Jackson Ivan Vinogradov Giuseppe Cardace Ann Scanlan Andrea Giuseppe Paolo Barbieri Andrew Y Wong Jan Placht Barry Hughes Sayantani Mitra Anna Diede Leah Samy Chris Allen Theresa Littwin Christopher Fogelman Barion Pellumbi Davide Iacobelli Colin Casey Nicole Cochran Jennifer Nelson Callum Sheerin Julian Leiserson Charles Bernard Farinella Romuald Charbonneau-Godard Michael Wong Henrique Magalhães de Araujo Sujendran Sundarraj Fabien Vidal Mahan Ghobadi Kai Roth Asif Bangash Chris Nagrant Pei Huang Aderonke Adenariwo Joshua Adams Nic Flook Benjamin Steptoe Bernardo Gonzalez Héber Brandão Nicholas Hodge Behcet Kaan Ozkaplan Sandeep Pillai Emanuele Martini Yoga Sree Guduru Mary Dugdale Frank Kühnemund Sandra Mohr Sandra Mohr Gina DeCastro Parthasarathi Biswal Ryan Tretter David Williams Andrew Bresnahan Rupert Barrow Tomasz Zarankiewicz Wanho Choi Dave Rees Admin Telnext Denise McDonald Yevette Jaszczak Daniel Ubl Moriah Gonzalez Akshay Ahuja F P - XAuthor Michael Wray Michael Wray Kristi Brown User Analytics Jackson Stalberger Hunter Dunbar Ian Medernach CHARLOTTE BRIDIER Ankit Goyal sidi boukhary James Wignall Jeremy Thompson Jon Packer Scott D Derrickson Puneet Aggarwal Lauren McGregor Michael Kunz Peter Lyons Carl Brundage (Inactive) Hailey Long Jason Carley Terry Haynes Alicia White Kendel Ahnell Hilary Curtis Artie Brosius Clare Teeling Renee Prorok

Is it Fixed?

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