Marketing Cloud SFTP configuration shows only EID keys
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Marketing Cloud SFTP configuration shows only EID keys

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

Last updated 2021-10-12 ·Reference W-7694207 ·Reported By 7 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud Release July 2020

When configuring a public SSH key for an FTP user authentication, the key selection only shows public SSH keys from the Enterprise. Public SSH Keys from the BU are not available for configuration.

Steps to reproduce


1. Add a Public SSH key in key management as a BU

2. Go to FTP Accounts and edit an existing user or create a new user

3. When configuring SSH keys for this user, the Public SSH key from step 1 is not available to add to the FTP user.

Upload the key at the enterprise level, and then use the key for FTP users in the BU.

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