Trail Tracker Scheduled Job Fails with *error:Field is not writeable: trailheadapp__Debug_Log__c.trailheadapp__Class__c*
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Trail Tracker Scheduled Job Fails with *error:Field is not writeable: trailheadapp__Debug_Log__c.trailheadapp__Class__c*

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Last updated 2021-10-12 ·Reference W-6962290 ·Reported By 0 users

No Fix in version 1.96

During the 1.96 release of Trail Tracker (on 11/14/2019), a set of customer organizations had their Trail Tracker scheduled jobs modified. Only organizations that previously had a scheduled job set to the top of the hour (e.g. 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, etc...) were affected.

These organizations installed Trail Tracker prior to 2/15/2019. Organizations who installed and configured the Trail Tracker after 2/15/2019 have not been affected.

This issue only impacts Trail Tracker scheduled sync jobs and does not affect any other job within the organization.

The scheduled job was modified to provide a more optimized synchronization of Trailhead data and reduce the risk of failed integration jobs. However, due to an unforeseen issue, the job was recreated with an invalid user resulting in the error: Field is not writeable: trailheadapp__Debug_Log__c.trailheadapp__Class__c.

This error is an indication that the sync job has failed and Trailhead data is no longer being inserted into the organization.

For more information on this issue, including screen shots of what you might expect if you encounter this issue, please take a look at:

The Trail Tracker sync job fails and an email is sent to the administrator with an error message:

TrailmixQueue Apex job are failing with this *error: Field is not writeable: trailheadapp__Debug_Log__c.trailheadapp__Class__c.* Please assist with correcting this error.

Users may also experience a partially completed debug log report which fails after the Trailmix job and doesn't have a row indicating a successfully completed sync.

If you click into this Debug Log row, you will see an empty user under the created by and last modified by fields.

1. Login as an organization Administrator (or a user with rights to manage scheduled jobs)
2. Go to Setup > Scheduled Jobs
3. Find Job Name: 'Trailhead Reporting' - verify that it has a user named 'Trail Tracker' that is different from your integration user that you setup to run Trail Tracker jobs originally
4. Delete the 'Trailhead Reporting' scheduled job by clicking on the Del link
5. Go to Trailhead Setup Tab
6. Under the Data Synchronization section, click Save
7. Go to Setup > Scheduled Jobs to confirm that the job saved properly with your integration user
8. Wait for the job to run sometime in the next 24 hours
9. Check Debug Logs to confirm the sync ran successfully
10. If not, contact customer support

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