Permissions tab missing when loading Shared Data Extensions
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Permissions tab missing when loading Shared Data Extensions

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Last updated 2020-05-13 ·Reference W-5583043 ·Reported By 3 users

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The Permissions tab does not show up in a Shared Data Extension the first time it is accessed. You must exit the Shared Data Extension and come back to it in order the the Permissions tab to appear. This may occasionally occur with the Tracking tab as well.

Log into your Enterprise 2.0 account
Email Studio > Email
Subscribers > Shared Data Extensions
Click on any Shared Data Extension. Note that there is no Permissions tab.
Navigate away from the Data Extension.
Navigate back to the Data Extension. You now see the Permissions tab.

This only occurs the first time. Navigate away from the Shared DE, and then back in, and the Permissions tab will be there.

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