'Phone' data type length incorrect in the UI
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'Phone' data type length incorrect in the UI

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For data extensions in the UI, the 'Phone' data type displays incorrectly. It says 50, but this is actually 15.

1. Log into any of your Marketing Cloud accounts.
2. Create a Data Extension with a field of ‘Phone’ data type. Note that the UI shows a maximum length of 50 for this data type.
3. Create a csv file to import into your new Data Extension. This should contain your ‘Phone’ field.
4. In your csv, include one row with a 15 digit numeric value for your ‘Phone’ field, and another row with a 16 digit numeric value for it.
5. Import your csv.
6. You will receive an import notification file. Open this and note that the row with the 16 digit value did not import and throws an ‘invalid length’ error.

Actual Results:
The UI enforces a maximum length of 15 characters for the ‘Phone’ data type, however it displays the max limit as 50. (The documentation shows the correct limit of 15 characters)

Expected Results:
The UI should display a max length of 15 for the ‘Phone’ data type.

This is purely informational. If the 'Phone' data type is used, values should be kept to 15 characters or less. If more characters are needed, use the 'text' data type.

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