Value not of required type error on Save in Quote Line Editor
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Value not of required type error on Save in Quote Line Editor

Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote)

Last updated 2019-02-11 ·Reference W-5335222 ·Reported By 10 users

Fixed in version CPQ 218

When attempting to save new Quote Lines in the Quote Line Editor, if the org has a price action containing a formula which references a checkbox field. If that price action is set to fire on the On Initialization event, then a null value is improperly set to a checkbox field throwing a "<Checkbox field name>: value not of required type: " error message during the attempted save action, even if the checkbox field was not the target of a price action.

1. Create a price rule (Evaluation Scope = Calculator | Calculator Evaluation Event = On Initialization)
2. Create a price action (Set target object and field to some random text field | Formula = IF(SBQQ__Bundled, 55, 0)
3. Navigate to the line editor for a quote
4. Add a product to the line editor
5. Save/Quick Save
6. Observe Error

Moving the price rule that references the checkbox field to a different event other than On Initialization should resolve this issue.

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