Partner community user is unable to view Campaign/Campaign History/Campaign Members in reports
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Partner community user is unable to view Campaign/Campaign History/Campaign Members in reports

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Last updated 2019-11-27 ·Reference W-5302261 ·Reported By 11 users

Fixed - Spring '20

In custom report type, if the Campaign/Campaign History/Campaign Member is either B(secondary object) or C(Tertiary object), partner community user is not able to see the corresponding Campaign columns in the report.

Required setup before reproducing
1. Create a Community(Napili/Partner Central etc)
2. In the Home Page, you can add in the navigation menu the report salesforce object
3. Add Partner Community User to access the said community
4. Publish the community
5. Create a custom report type and deploy
a. primary object is account
b. secondary object is contact
c. Tertiary object is Campaign history
6. Create a Public Folder and share this to the partner community user
7. Create a report showing the account name, full name and campaign name as columns using the custom report type created from step 5 and then save it to the partner public folder.
8. Create an Account and Contact. Then enable the contact as a partner community user.

1. Go to the partner contact record of the partner community user
2. Login to Community User and select the community
3. Click Report from the Navigation menu and select the above created report.
4. The Account Name and Full Name are showing in the report result while the campaign name is missing.

While the formatting and available fields will be different, customer can temporary workaround using the standard report for Campaigns and Campaign members. For the standard report to work, they will need to set the OWD for campaigns to private and create a separate sharing rule to share the campaigns with the partner users.

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