"Value Not of Required Type" Appears When Refresh Prices and QCP is Used
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"Value Not of Required Type" Appears When Refresh Prices and QCP is Used

Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote)

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"Value Not of Required Type" Appears when Refresh Prices is clicked and the plugin has QCP where QCP script has the following:
1. Field type = checkbox
2. Checkbox field is added to the Quote Fields in Custom Script
3. Checkbox field is only used as a reference in QCP and is no value is being written to it.

1. Navigate to Custom Script > New. Populate the following fields:
Script Name = give it any name (i.e CustomScript)
Code = paste the sample code below:
export function onBeforeCalculate(quote, quoteLines) {
var test = quote.record['Checkbox_Field_API_Name']; //checkbox field is only referenced and no value is written back.
return Promise.resolve();
Quote Fields = add the Checkbox_Field_API_Name
2. Save.
3. Navigate to apex/editSettings -> Plugins or Setup > Installed Packages > [Configure] Salesforce CPQ > Plugins.
4. In Quote Calculator Plugin, paste the name of the custom script you just created in step 5 (i.e CustomScript) then Save.
5. Open any quote with quote lines.
6. Click on any associate product for a quote line that has Pricing Method = List.
7. Modify the pricebook entry price for the product
8. Navigate back to your quote > click Refresh Prices > Refresh Price. Error appears.

Create a 'ReferencedFields' field set in the Quote object if you do not have it. Add the checkbox field in the field set.

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