Unable to import UTC Offset of 10.00 or greater
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Unable to import UTC Offset of 10.00 or greater

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Last updated 2020-10-20 ·Reference W-5219255 ·Reported By 3 users

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When importing into a MobileConnect list from a data extension, contacts with a UTCOffset of 10.00 or greater will fail to import with an error of "InvalidDecimalPrecision"

1. Create a DE with SubscriberKey (text (50)), MobileNumber (phone), Locale (text (2)), UTCOffset (4,2), and HonorDST (boolean)
2. Add a single record to the DE with a UTCOffset of 10
--Will have to enter it as '10' to register as '10.00' because same validation prevents entering 10.00 when enterind data into DE manually
3. Create MobileConnect Import Definition targeting 'All Subscribers - SMS' with manual mappings for each of the fields to its respective field in MobileConnect
--3.a. Contact Builder > Imports > Create
--3.b. Import to a List > OK
--3.c. Select Source > From Existing Data Extension > Select DE created in step 1
--3.d. Select List > All Contacts - Mobile > OK
--3.e. Map Manually
--3.e.i. SubscriberKey = ContactKey
--3.e.ii. MobileNumber = Mobile Number
--3.e.iii. Locale = Locale
--3.e.iv. UTCOffset = UTC Offset
--3.e.v. HonorDST = Observer DST
--3.f. Click Next
--3.g. Provide Name
--3.h. Select Short Code
--3.i. Select Keyword
--3.j. Click Next
--3.k. Click Finish
4. Run the import

Set the decimal precision of the UTCOffset field to (3,1) in the source data extension.

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