Unable to change Group source
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Unable to change Group source

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

Last updated 5 days ago ·Reference W-4330246 ·Reported By 2 users

No Fix

Unable to select new source List for Groups to refresh or to simply edit a group.

1. Go to Email Studio

2. Click Subscribers and choose Groups

3. Create a group

4. Then find the group in My groups and click on it

5. Click the properties tab

6. Click the edit button in the filter section of the properties tab

7. Click Change next to the source at the top of the edit filter screen

8. Choose a new list and click ok in the select source window that pops up

9. The edit filter screen will load again and you will notice that there is not a list name next to source now and if you go out of the group and come back in and go back to properties and edit filter then you will notice that the source didn't change.

And there is an error thrown that says "No active group was found for the ID specified."

Create a new Group with the list that you wanted to change the existing group to.

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