All Contacts List shows 0 instead of full List of Contacts
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All Contacts List shows 0 instead of full List of Contacts

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Last updated 2019-07-10 ·Reference W-3969508 ·Reported By 0 users

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When reviewing your All Contacts List in Contact Builder, the system may show 0 Contacts on screen and this is caused by a User Defined Attribute being created with exactly the same name as a System Attribute, for example ContactKey.

- Create a User Defined Attribute on the MobileConnect Demographics DE named ContactKey
- Move in the All Contacts section on Contact Builder
- Select All Contacts in the top left
- Notice the count shows as 0 instead of your full list of Contacts

Move/remove data from the User Defined Attribute into a new one named differently and delete the original named the same as a System Attribute.

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