Scheduled Discover Reports can become corrupt
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Scheduled Discover Reports can become corrupt

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Last updated 2022-03-30 ·Reference W-4138643 ·Reported By 12 users

No Fix

Scheduled Discover reports that deliver via email can become corrupt over time. The output file will show a variation of the below text as opposed to the tracking data requested.

<html><head><title>Downloading Report ...</title></head><body><img src='../../images/report/refreshing0.gif'><br>Downloading Report ... <br>
When your download is complete
<form action='getReportInFormat'>
<input type='hidden' name='requestId' value='abcdefghijklmnop'>
<input type='hidden' name='format' value='CSV'>
<input type='hidden' name='reportName' value='NameOfYourReportHere'>
<script language='javascript'>
window.onload = function() { window.setTimeout('document.forms[0].submit()'

There are no known steps to reproduce at this time. We are actively working on discovering the conditions which cause this issue to occur.

Recreate the report.

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