New Journey version can be activated without correctly re-configuring attribute comparison Decision Splits referencing Journey Data
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New Journey version can be activated without correctly re-configuring attribute comparison Decision Splits referencing Journey Data

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder

Last updated 2019-08-14 ·Reference W-5766683 ·Reported By 8 users

Fixed in version Marketing Cloud June 2019 Release

This issue affects Journeys with Decision Splits that compare an attribute in Contact Data to a Journey Data attribute. If a new version of such a Journey is created where the entry source is deleted and reconfigured, Journey Builder may allow the new version to be activated, even though these Decision Splits are no longer correctly configured for the new Journey version.

As a results of this issue, affected Decision Splits may show in gray in running Journeys, indicating that they are not fully configured.

Clicking into the gray Decision Splits in Journey canvas, the text 'No value entered' may show for filters that reference Journey Data that were not re-configured before activating this version of the Journey.

1. Create a sendable data extension that includes an Email field, a Subscriber Key field and a non-nullable field, which will be used in Decision Split attribute comparison.
2. Create a second data extension with a Subscriber Key and a non-nullable field that will be used in Decision Split attribute comparison. Link this second data extension in an attribute group in Contact Builder > Data Designer.
3. In Journey Builder, create a new Journey from scratch.
4. Configure a Data Extension entry source and set the schedule to Start 'On Activation' and Repeat 'Never'.
5. Add a Decision Split activity to the Journey canvas. Click into this Decision Split to configure it. Select the non-nullable field from Contact Data that was linked in attribute during step 2. Check the 'Add an attribute to compare' checkbox and drag the non-nullable Journey Data field into the input field.
6. Name the Journey and configure Journey Settings e.g. select Re-entry anytime.
7. Activate Journey.

Note: if testing with sample contacts, the Decision Split in this version of the Journey will work as expected provided the contact data has been populated correctly into the entry source data extension and the data extension linked in Contact Builder.

8. Create a new version of the Journey. Delete the Data Extension entry source from canvas. Then configure a new Data Extension entry source, selecting the same Data Extension used in version 1 and setting the Schedule to Start 'On Activation' and Repeat 'Never'.
9. Activate Version 2 of the Journey.
10. If issue occurs, the Decision Split will show in gray when browser is refreshed. Clicking into Decision Split activity, it will appear as if the Decision Split has not been fully configured e.g. 'No value entered' will show for filter.

Note: when this new version is activated, contacts injected will always proceed down the remainder path of the Decision Split.

If a version of the Journey has been activated that now has Decision Splits showing in gray due to configuration described in Steps to Reproduce section, a new version of the Journey will need to be created to resolve the issue.

Before activating the new version of the Journey, click into the gray Decision Split and reconfigure the attribute comparison:
1. Click on Decision Split.
2. Click Edit button.
3. The Contact Data field already configured in version 1 should still be selected in the Filter Criteria. However, the text 'No value entered' will show where the Journey Data field had previously been selected. Click into the Filter and select 'Add an attribute to compare' checkbox.
4. Select the Journey Data field that will be used for attribute comparison and drag this into the filter input field.
5. Press the Summary button and then the Done button to confirm changes.

New Journey version can be activated when all affected Decision Split have been corrected.

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